Big updates v0.16 to v0.21

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.21] The Tutorial


The Tutorial is finally available! Come take a tour, you might learn a tip or two :)

Game Improvement:

  • The Tutorial with a new NPC: Captain Faranor!
  • Others sources of lights, items & monster are no longer visible at distance. And stay hidden until you discover the zone.

Game Balance:

  • The number of free chest has been slightly reduced.
  • Some monsters will also drop a bit less items now.
  • The Base time for appraising has been reduced from 500T to 400T.
  • The Paid chest now only drops identified & uncursed items.
  • The first Slingshot on the starting level is now always identified & uncursed.

UI improvements:

  • You can switch items' positions in the inventory.
  • More details in the appraising information text.
  • The Bestiary now also shows the Evasion and Critical chances of Monsters.
  • At the start of a level, the Tip panel is now sequential and shows all tips in order when you touch it.

Fixed bugs:

  • Character can't attack or be attacked in some rare cases after zoning or talking to the Faery.
  • Curse protection on items not registering in the character's statistics.
  • Selling items not reducing the weight carried by the character.
  • Overburden sound looping.
  • Novice bow, or stones sometimes not appearing in the inventory.
  • 2 handed check missing when auto equipping the Novice Staff or the Novice Shield. 
  • Head piece or Offhand piece information not refreshed when equipped.
  • The Long Sword has a faulty arrow property breaking the arrows' count.
  • Unrequired path traced toward the exit in the starting zone levels.
  • Archer Gauntlet appearing as a Plate Gauntlet in the inventory.
  • Many typo corrected.

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.18] The Bestiary!

We are bringing to you the Bestiary! Now the monsters you kill have a chance to drop a monster card. This card will permanently add a new entry into the Bestiary. The monster compendium list all the statistics of encountered monsters, their abilities and weakness, more information on their ecology will be added later.

Game Improvement:

  • The Bestiary, and 89 monster cards to collect. Grab them all to complete the [Mob Hunter] achievement.
  • The Pedestals of the vendor have now a confirmation window listing all the item statistics.
  • You can now spend only a part of your skill points in the Skill window.

UI improvements:

  • Added a new shortcut [K] to show to Skill window.
  • Added a new shortcut to show to Bestiary window.
  • New Bestiary panel on the Inventory.
  • The items stat requirement now shows directly the item limitation minus your skill points on reduced requirement.

Fixed bugs:

  • 3 digits statistics on the Upper right UI truncated.
  • Mobs still visible after loading a game on the first game turn.
  • Wrong attack name shown for the zone effects (FireWall, DarkZone, Poison Cloud, IceStorm).
  • Mage Runes with wrong information on the character creation window.
  • Item test requirements wrongly calculated when picking a new item.
  • Typo corrected on the Introduction text.

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.16] Skills & Items statistic requirement.

Another important patch: pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement, so they can't be equipped if you don't meet this requirement.

This doesn't mean that a Magician with low strength can't wear any heavy armor. You can mitigate this with our new Skill system.

We're introducing 12 Skills for your character that can be improved with Skill points! You hero will now gain 1 new skill point per level, that you can choose to spend on one of those Skills. These skills can lower a specific statistic requirement, or raise your resistances, or even raise your combat abilities.

Game Balance:

  • Pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement on STR, DEX, INT or WIS.
  • New Skill system, with 1 points per level to distribute. The 12 skills are: Athletics / Archery / Logic / Piety / Herbalism / Arcanism / Alchemy / Vitality / Marksmanship / Soldiering / Luck / Acrobatics.

UI improvements:

  • Added a new tab for the Skill system.
  • Icon alert when a new Skill point is available to distribute.

Fixed bugs:

  • Monsters can't be hit when placed on a trap or a zone effect.
  • Rooms too close to the map limit, without enclosing walls.
  • Many typos on the vendor and buff descriptions.
  • YES button difficult to trigger on the Vendor screen.
  • Vendor refusing to buy some unidentified items.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!


Jun 13, 2018

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